NW 54th Avenue-NW 86th St to NW 100th St

Project Description

The improvements include reconstruction of the existing two lane rural roadway typical section to a three lane and four lane urban typical roadway section.  The existing four lane sections will continue east of NW 100th Street and transition down to a three lane section just east of the intersection of NW 93rd Street.  These improvements will be including the intersections of NW 96th St, NW 93rd St, NW 91st St, NW 91st Ct, NW 90th Ct, NW 89th Ct, and NW 88th Street with NW 54th Avenue.

The project will consist of both 7" and 9" PCC, 10ft multi-use pathway, storm sewer, subdrains, sanitary sewer, lighting, underground power, private utility relocation, pavement markings, signage, and surface restoration.

Project Information

A Public informational meeting was held on November 12, 2019 at 5:30pm.  Click here to view the power point presentation from the meeting.

Estimated Cost


Estimated Project Timeline
Design 2019

Engineer Design
Mike Lyons, Project Engineer

City Staff Project Contact
Matt Greiner, Public Works Director
Email Matt Greiner