Streets Division

When traveling on a city street, walking on a sidewalk you are benefiting from services provided by the Johnston Public Works Department. Streets Division staff is responsible for cleaning, repairing and maintaining city streets, storm sewers, drainage-ways, and rights of way. The department repairs and maintains, but not limited to the following:

  • 106 miles of streets or 234 lane miles in total
  • 75 miles of storm sewer
  • 1,454 storm sewer manholes
  • 2681 storm sewer inlets
  • All drainageways/Public Rights of Ways
The Streets Division is committed to performing the functions of planning, implementation and management of the City’s infrastructure system of streets to the highest safety and cost-effective standards possible. Snow removal is handled by the Streets Division with assistance from all Public Works Divisions as well as the Parks Department staff.

The Streets Division consists of seven employees and a Superintendent.
  • Scott Chiri – Superintendent
  • Steve Buckalew – Crew Leader
  • Carl Klostermann
  • Audie Carman
  • Zane Martin
  • Jack Conzett
  • Zane Martin
  • Tanner Schumacher
  • Skylar Volkamer
  • Austin King