Fiscal Year 2020 Budget

Section 1 - State Forms and Final Submission Memo
Click here (PDF) to view the state forms and memo detailing the budget for FY 2020

Section 2 - Detailed Budget Worksheet
Click here (PDF) to view the detail for the fiscal year 2020 budget detail

Section 3 - Decision Packages & CEP
Click here (PDF) to view the decision packages from each department and the Capital Equipment Program budget details. 

Section 4 - 2019-2020 through 2023-2024 Complete CIP
Click here (PDF) to view the Capital Improvement Projects 

Section 5 - Public Hearing

The budget summary of receipts and expenditures can be viewed in this budget (PDF).

Click here (PDF) to view a copy of the press release sent to the media. 

Click to review the infographic of the FY20 budget

Johnston FY20 Budget Infographic