Northglenn Drainageway Remediation Project and Trail Replacement

Project Description
In 2010 the City of Johnston completed a Watershed Assessment and Stormwater Management and Action Plan for the entire community. This plan identified 10 priority projects that were needed to address erosion, protect public and private property and improve water quality. One of these projects identified was the Northglenn Drainage Way. The Northglenn neighborhood drains to a long grassed channel that runs parallel to a city bike trail on the southern side of the development. Since its construction, maintenance of this stream channel has been difficult due to standing water and pour overall drainage through the area. This project would address the area east of Merle Hay Road. The channel is very flat and constantly has standing water. It will also rise quickly with large storm events. Several attempts have been made to improve the channel through minor regrading, tiling and other efforts. This project will seek larger solutions to address the constant maintenance issues caused by the flat nature of the drainage way.

Additionally, four trail segments have been identified as potential removal and replacement segments within the trail system. A priority listing based on condition has been created, and are reflected on the map (Insert Link to Map 3) , to ensure the trails in the poorest condition are addressed first. The asphalt trail will be removed and replaced with a concrete trail of approximately the same width. This will create a smoother trail with fewer maintenance needs. Funding and bid costs will determine the actual amount of trail that the City will be able to remove and replace.

Project Area Map
Click here (PDF) to view the map

Project Open House
A letter (PDF) has been mailed to area residents regarding the preliminary designs for the drainageway improvements and proposed trail replacement. In addition, an open house has been scheduled to solicit resident feedback and observations, this meeting has been scheduled for:

October 29, 2019
5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Johnston City Hall
6221 Merle Hay Road
Johnston, IA 50131

Estimated Cost
$450,000 covering engineering and construction

Design – Fall 2019
Construction – Spring 2020


Evan Del Val PE, CFM
Civil Engineer
508 East Locust St.
Des Moines, IA 50309
P: 515.243.9143
C: 619.817.5524

City Staff Project Contact
David Wilwerding, AICP
Community Development Director
City of Johnston
Email David Wilwerding