NW Beaver Drive Overlay

Project Description
NW Beaver Drive – Merle Hay Road to NW 66th Avenue
HMA (Asphalt) mill and overlay project along NW Beaver Drive from Merle Hay Road to NW 66th Avenue. The project will include a recreational trail.

Project Information (Updated: 7/19/21)
Private Utilities

  • MidAmerican: All relocations are complete, service is transferred over, and utility poles have been topped off. They are waiting for other utility relocations before poles are removed. 
  • CenturyLink: All underground work is complete and service has been transferred from NW 70th to Coburn. HR Green will work with CenturyLink regarding relocations through the remainder of the project. 
  • Mediacom: Install is near completion in Zone 2and 3.  Cutovers are scheduled to begin the week of July 19th.

City Project Contractors

  • Grimes Asphalt: Milling, base widening, and overlay (interlayer and intermediate courses) are complete through Zone 3. 
  • All-Star Concrete: Residential driveway reconstruction will be mostly complete this week. The week of July 19th, trail construction will begin as allowed by overhead pole locations and pavement replacement at Coburn. 
  • Wenthold: Trail grading is expected to be complete through Zones 2 and 3. During the week of July 19th, grading work will shift to the south side of the road while trail paving occurs. Grading will shift back to the north side to finish ditch and tie-slope grading following trail paving. Certain areas of slope adjustment have been identified and coordinated with Wenthold at applicable properties to improve slopes and use available fill material.  

General Comments
Work through Zone 2 and 3 is expected by the end of July. Preliminary work on Zone 4 (i.e., pavement saw cutting, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water main items) not affecting traffic will begin the week of July 19th. More significant operations will likely begin in full near the first week of August.

NW Beaver Drive Overlay Detour Route

Public Communication
Click here (PDF) to view the letter sent to residents on Wednesday, June 2.
Click here (PDF) to view the presentation or a copy of the electronic meeting is shown below from Tuesday, Mar. 23.
Click here (PDF) to view the letter sent to the property owners near the construction regarding the meeting.


Estimated Cost

Grimes Asphalt & Paving Corporation

Estimated Project Timeline
Utility Relocation & Construction Spring 2021

Engineer Design
Cory Shannon, Project Engineer

City Staff Project Contact
Matt Greiner, Public Works Director
Email Matt Greiner

Communication to Residents

  • Tree clearing for construction letter sent Feb. 22, 2021 (PDF)
  • The second public information meeting was held on May 21, 2019, for this project. Click here to view the presentation from the meeting. 
  • On December 12, 2018, a public open house was held to discuss the improvements to NW Beaver Drive. Click here (PDF) to view the presentation given by HR Green at the public meeting.