Home Safety

Home Safety While You Are Away

If you are planning a vacation, it is important to take precautions to help protect your home. An unoccupied house is more attractive to a burglar. 
  • Stop your mail delivery or have someone you trust pick it up daily. Don't let newspapers pile up making the appearance that nobody is home.
  • Arrange to have someone shovel the snow or mow the lawn. If possible, have a neighbor park in your driveway from time to time.
  • Use automatic timers on lights and radios. This will give the appearance that someone is home. 
  • Make sure all the windows and doors are locked before you leave.
  • Do not make your travel plans widely known. Tell only those you trust.

Burglary Prevention

There are several easy, yet important steps you can take to help prevent burglary.
  • Use deadbolt locks on all exterior doors.
  • The lock should at least be a one-inch throw. It is equally important you install a heavy-duty strike plate on all door frames.
  • Make sure exterior doors and windows are locked and keep your garage door closed at all times, even when you are home.
  • Use auxiliary locks on windows and sliding glass doors or have them pinned. You can also place metal screws in the upper track of the sliding glass door to prevent them from being lifted out. 
  • Be aware of what is happening in your neighborhood. If you see suspicious behavior, be sure to report it to the police. 
  • Never leave written messages outside your home. It is a sign the home is unoccupied.
  • Don't hide keys anywhere outside. 

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