Timberwood Drive Trail Stabilization

Project Map
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Construction Plans
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Estimated Cost
$165,000 (covering engineering and construction)
Project Status (as of 6/7/18)
On December 4, 2017, the Johnston City Council awarded the construction contract for the project to TK Concrete, Inc. from Pella, Iowa. Construction began in early May 2018, and as of June 7, 2018, the project has been substantially completed, including the reopening of the pedestrian trail between Long Meadow Drive and NW 93rd Street.

Design Engineering: February – December 2017
Project Bidding: December 2017
Construction: February – June 2018
Timberwood Drive Trail Stabilization_6.7.18
Joshua C. DeBower, P.E.
Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC
8191 Birchwood Court, Suite L
Johnston, Iowa 50131
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City Staff Project Contact
Dave Wilwerding, AICP
Johnston Community Development Director
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Timerwood Drive Stabilization_6.7.18
Project Description
This project will include bank stabilization along the pedestrian trail located south of Timberwood Drive and west of Long Meadow Drive in Greenwood Hills Plat 3, immediately upstream of improvements completed in the last several years in the Greenwood Hills Greenbelt. This project is located on property owned by the City and will focus solely on stabilizing the creek banks which are threatening the trail, primarily through the use of rip rap and sheet pile walls. A portion of the trail will need to also be reconstructed following completion of the stabilization work.

Project Funding
The Timberwood Drive Trail stabilization project is funded by the Johnston Stormwater Utility, which was implemented in July 2012 to create a dedicated funding source for projects that reduce erosion, protect properties and infrastructure from flooding and to improve water quality within the City of Johnston. For more information on the stormwater utility, click here.