Beaver Creek Bank Stabilization

Project Name

Beaver Creek Bank Stabilization Adjacent to the Augustine Subdivision

Preliminary Construction Plan
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Project Map
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Estimated Cost
$420,000 covering engineering and construction

Project Update (6/7/18)

On December 4, 2017, the Johnston City Council awarded the construction contract for the project to TK Concrete, Inc. from Pella, Iowa. TK Concrete will be responsible for completing the project. Construction is anticipated began in mid-January, and as of late May 2018 the project has been substantially completed.


Beaver Creek Bank Stabilization_4.25.18


Beaver Creek_6.7.18

Design Engineering: February – December 2017
Project Bidding: December 2017
Construction: January to June 2018

TK Concrete, Inc., Pella, Iowa

Joshua C. DeBower, P.E.
Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC
8191 Birchwood Court, Suite L
Johnston, IA 50131
Email Joshua DeBower

City Staff Project Contact
David Wilwerding, AICP
Community Development Director
City of Johnston
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Project Description
In 2010 the City of Johnston completed a Watershed Assessment and Stormwater Management and Action Plan for the entire community. This plan identified 10 priority projects that were needed to address erosion, protect public and private property and improve water quality. One of these projects identified was the Beaver Creek Bank Stabilization adjacent to the Augustine subdivision. Severe bank erosion exists along the northern edge of the Augustine subdivision on the west bank of Beaver Creek. The height of the bank is over 20 feet and this area has seen active erosion since the flooding of 2008.

The project involves the armament of an existing storm sewer outlet to correct erosion and the installation of a Longitudinal Peak Stone Tow Protection (LPSTP) with stone tie backs. This method has already been used in another area along Beaver Creek successfully and is intended to stabilize the banks at the normal flow elevations and allows for the banks to rebuild themselves over time as the area behind the LPSTP will fill with silt deposited during high water events. This method avoids the need to use excessive amount of rip rap armament up the entire embankment.

Project Funding

The Beaver Creek Bank Stabilization project is funded by the Johnston Stormwater Utility, which was implemented in July 2012 to create a dedicated funding source for projects that reduce erosion, protect properties and infrastructure from flooding and to improve water quality within the City of Johnston. For more information on the stormwater utility, visit the stormwater projects page.