Community Survey Results

Throughout November and early December 2020, we asked residents to provide positive and critical feedback on a variety of areas within city government, including police, fire, parks, library, public works, communication, and community development. We also wanted to understand how COVID-19 has affected our residents. We are proud to report that our city departments consistently rank among the best in the country.

Of the 408 residents surveyed, 87 percent indicated they were very satisfied with the overall quality of life in our community. Ninety-four percent indicated they were satisfied with the overall feeling of safety, which is 28 percent higher than the national average in city quality-of-life rankings.
City Service Johnston, IA National Average Difference
Overall quality of city services 86.4% 48.2% 38.2%
Quality of customer service from city employees 78.0% 42.4% 35.6%
Cleanliness of city streets 88.6% 59.2% 29.4%
Efforts to proactively detect and deter crime 84.8% 55.5% 29.4%
Maintenance of city streets 76.6% 48.3% 28.3%
The overall feeling of safety in the city 93.6% 65.7% 27.9%
Snow removal from city streets 85.5% 60.0% 25.8%
Quality of police protection 91.4% 67.5% 23.9%
Maintenance of walking and biking trails 81.3% 57.7% 23.6%
Value received from city tax dollars and fees 59.3% 36.9% 22.4%
The survey shows our community rated at or above the national average in 41 of 43 areas that were assessed. 
City leaders are evaluating all of the feedback within the survey to improve Johnston as they prioritize projects and improvements for our community. We learned we should focus on three specific areas of improvement including traffic flow, quality of City streets, and parks and recreation programs and facilities.

Below are the reports from 2020
  • View (PDF) the findings reports with comparisons to 2018 and the U.S. National average
  • View (PDF) results by age for each question
  • View (PDF) results by geocoding for each question
  • View (PDF) responses from the open-ended questions.