Smart911 and CodeRED

Polk County invests in Smart911 and CodeRED to assist in keeping residents, first responders, and the community safe. Both programs are offered free of charge to increase awareness of the importance of being prepared and aware during personal and significant community emergencies.

Polk County residents may go to to sign-up and create a family profile. The information contained in the profile will be accessible to dispatchers when residents call 911. Information that may be entered into the online profile includes the names and identifying information of individuals who live in your household, addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts, vehicles, animals, and medical information.
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Why and How Creating a Profile Will Keep You Safe
  • Calling 911 using a Cellular Telephone-dispatchers are not provided a physical location when 911 is called using a cell phone. Your profile may contain home, work, and school addresses to assist in locating you during an emergency
  • Missing Person-Pictures and descriptions are able to be provided to first responders immediately to assist in locating the missing person
  • Go Unresponsive after Calling 911-The profile will provide medical background to assist first responders in treating as well as the location of the unresponsive individual
  • Fire-Informs firefighters of the number of individuals and pets located inside the home, layout of the home as well as locations of hazards inside and around the home
  • Medical Information-Assists in providing medical information when family and friends do not have this knowledge
Residents may enroll in the program by visiting and clicking on CodeRed. You may register an unlisted landline, cellular phone, and e-mail. Listed landlines are automatically enrolled.
How Does CodeRed Keep You Safe?
  • Provides automated notification to affected residents via phone call, text message and/or e-mail during significant incidents which include: environmental, search and rescue, crime, man-made disasters, and public work incidents
  • The automated message provides information regarding the incident and any steps affected residents must take to stay safe
  • Messages will only be sent to affected residents
Please contact the Polk County Emergency Management Agency’s E911 Coordinator at 515-286-2107 or by email if you would like additional information or need assistance in signing up for either program.