NW 70th Avenue Improvements

Phase III (Project Update: 11/27/19)

NW 70th Avenue is now open!

While open for through traffic, the contractor will still be preparing the site for winter shut down, which requires single-lane closures along the project corridor over the next few weeks. Please travel safely through the corridor as the workers may still be in their established work zones. Note: This video below was filmed earlier today before the road was fully opened.

In spring 2020, the sidewalk to the north side will be installed; grading will be done, permanent striping will be placed, and the area will be seeded. When the project starts-up in the spring, there will be single-lane closures through the project area.

here to see a map of the project area.

Overall Project Update

Phase I and Phase II are complete.  Phase III construction will begin in the spring of 2019. The total estimated cost for both phase II and Phase III is $7,361,434.50. Click on this link to watch a video on the correct way to drive through a roundabout.  Click here to see overall map and plans for NW 70th Avenue (PDF) The intent of this project is to reconstruct 70th Avenue from 98th Street to approximately 600 feet west of Peckham Street in 2019. Phase III is the final phase of the NW 70th Avenue Reconstruction Project.  Click here to see a map of the construction area.

Click here to view the presentation from the public input construction kickoff meeting for the project.

Estimated Cost: 2,511,427.34 

Estimated Start Date: Spring 2019

Estimated Completion Date: November 2019

Contractor: Concrete Technologies, Inc.

Engineer: Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC

City Staff Project Contact: Matt Greiner, Public Works Director, 515.278.0822 

Project Status: Construction

Phase II (Project Update: 9/19/18)

Construction is completed.  Lane closures may still be needed for final site restoration and seeding through April of 2019.

This map (PDF) that shows where local traffic is allowed and where the new work zone will be located.

Previous Communication 
  • Click here (PDF) to view the presentation from the construction meeting on March 27, 2018. The meeting was intended to provide property owners information with respect to the project construction activities. 
  • Click here (PDF) to view the letter dated March 9, 2018 sent to residents. 
  • Click here to view the presentation given at the public meeting on February 21, 2018.
  • Click here (PDF) to see a map of the project area.

Estimated Cost: $3,088,228.91

Estimated Start Date: Spring 2018

Estimated Completion Date: Fall 2018

Contractor: Concrete Technologies, Inc.

Engineer: Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC, Andy Floy, andy.floy@foth.com, 515.251.2594

City Staff Project Contact: Matt Greiner, Public Works Director, mgreiner@cityofjohnston.com, 515.278.0822

Project Status: Completed

There will be no property owner assessments as part of Johnston’s project. A thorough traffic study of the corridor was performed and concluded that a series of three roundabouts handles existing traffic and future increases in traffic.

Click here to learn more about roundabouts and why they're being chosen as the safest method for intersection control on some Johnston streets.

Current traffic on NW 70th Ave is 13,000 vehicles per day. By 2035, traffic is projected to grow to 20,000-26,000 vehicles per day. The proposed design accounts for this increase and concludes that acceptable levels of service will be maintained through 2035.

The impetus for the entire project is to be ready for the high school that will be built nearby and to address current and future traffic as the area continues to develop. This project will no doubt be a significant project for the City of Johnston. We couldn't do it without your input and patience.

We want to keep you informed every step of the way, so we are building an e-mail database. Your e-mail will not be shared with anyone. If you would like to get on the list, please e-mail us here.

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If you ever have any questions about the improvements, please feel free to contact Public Works Director Matt Greiner.