Vacation House Watch Program

The Johnston Police Department offers a residential Vacation House Watch program for Johnston residents. The Vacation House Watch program allows residents to sign up to have the police department check on your residence while you are on vacation or anytime that you are going to be away from your home for an extended period of time.

How It Works

During your absence the police department will attempt to drive by your residence more frequently to visually check that everything appears to be safe and secure. In addition, an exterior walk around will be conducted twice a week for a check of windows and doors.

Unfortunately, the Police Department cannot guarantee the frequency in which your residence is checked or assume any liability should something happen to your home while you are away. As a result, the Police Department encourages you to follow some additional steps (PDF) before you depart and utilize the Vacation House Watch program as an added layer of protection to help provide you with some peace of mind while you’re away.

Click here to use the online for to sign up, or print and fill out this form (PDF) and return it to the Johnston Police Department.