Traffic Study

What is the traffic study?

This citywide traffic study will identify traffic flow congestion points along roadways and those within neighborhoods, business districts and school zones. The results will provide deficiencies related to traffic operations and congestion, signal technology and locations with reoccurring accidents. 

How will the input be prioritized?

The input received will be compiled and policy changes will be recommended to enhance safety and traffic flow. These recommendations are short- and long-term solutions to improve the communities overall traffic flow. 

Our city leaders will prioritize the recommendations and develop a strategic plan to implement the improvements.

How can I be involved?

Residents and visitors can provide input online and by taking our survey. 

The overall study includes the evaluation of traffic congestion with a focus on the safety and operations of the arterials and intersections across the city. This study will analyze existing conditions, in-person and online public input processes, and the development of suggested improvements.  

Public communication

View (PDF) the presentation from the public open house from Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023

Provide comments online by clicking the image below.

Traffic Study_Comments online button

Take the online survey to provide feedback.

Traffic Study_online survey

For more information on Map Social and how to provide traffic input, visit The QR code is also listed below. 

Project Contacts

Matt Greiner, Public Works Director
City of Johnston Public Works Department
Email Matt Greiner
(515) 278-0822

Molly Long
Foth Infrastructure & Environment
Email Molly Long
(515) 254-1393