Subdivision & Platting

Requirements for Property Division or Platting

Any property division or platting proposed within the City of Johnston is required to be reviewed and approved by the city subject to the Subdivision Regulations found in Chapter 180 of the City of Johnston Code of Ordinances prior to filing with Polk County. The review process is based upon the type of division or plat proposed, which will generally fall within one of the following categories:

  • Plat of Survey - A plat of survey is allowed for minor property transfers between neighboring property owners (i.e. lot line adjustments). A plat of survey is subject to review by city staff and must be approved by the city administrator.
  • Minor Subdivision Plat - A minor subdivision describes a plat, which is generally less than four lots and does not include the extension of new public infrastructure. A minor subdivision allows for simultaneous review of a preliminary and final plat and generally requires less information than would otherwise be required of a preliminary plat.
  • Preliminary Plat - All property divisions and plats, which do not meet the requirements of a plat of survey of a minor subdivision, as noted above, must submit a preliminary plat. A preliminary plat identifies the proposed lots to be created, all proposed public and private utilities and infrastructure and all-natural and proposed conditions on the site. The contents of the preliminary plat shall be in accordance with the city’s Preliminary Plat Checklist (PDF). A preliminary plat must be reviewed and approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.
    • Upon approval of a preliminary plat, any plat proposed to have public improvements (water, sewer, streets, etc.) is required to submit detailed construction plans for review and approval by the City Council. All public improvements are required to be designed and built subject to the Johnston Special Provisions (PDF), as well as the Iowa Statewide Urban Design and Specifications (SUDAS) standards.
  • Final Plat - Once a preliminary plat and construction plans have been approved and the construction of public improvements is nearing completion, a final plat can be submitted for review. The final plat identifies the final lot configuration, any necessary easements and right of way for streets. A final plat must be accompanied by all necessary legal documents, a list of which can be found on the final plat checklist. A final plat must be reviewed and approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council prior to release for recording with Polk County.

All plats are subject to the 2023 Development review schedule (PDF). Any plat submitted for review must be accompanied by a development application, and appropriate review fee.

Additional information on stormwater calculations, grading permit information, and stormwater management development standards can be found here.

Applicants may submit a new development application online. Step-by-step directions for online development application submissions can be obtained by following this link

Legal Documents

Template plat legal documents are available here.

Additional Information

Anyone seeking additional information on subdivisions/platting should contact David Wilwerding, Community Development Director at 515-727-7775.