Beaver Creek Bridge and Bank Stabilization

The Beaver Creek Bridge and bank stabilization project is scheduled for construction this summer and will continue into fall. The project will include stabilizing the footings of the bridge and the shoreline around the bridge. It will consist of relocating two sections of the trail to ensure they do not fall into Beaver Creek. These sections are immediately east of the bridge and the trail area that winds along Beaver Creek adjacent to the area where the bridge is located.

The trails will be relocated to ensure they are secure and one trail will wind past the oxbow in the Beaver Creek Natural Resource Area.

Project update (8/30/21)
The contractor is planning to close site 2 for trail removal and paving. The trail section will be closed for approximately eight working days. Site 1 is open and ready for use. Site 3 is about 90 percent complete with some rip rap needed near the bridge abutments. 

Site 2 Trail Closure

Project Area Map
Click here (PDF) to view the map.

Estimated Cost

Summer-Fall 2021

Howrey Construction

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Foth Infrastructure and Environment

City Staff Project Contact
John Schmitz, Parks & Recreation Director
(515) 727-8091
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Images before the stabilization begins

5. Beaver Creek Stabilization_Bridge_June 2021
4. Beaver Creek Stabilization_June 2021
3. Beaver Creek Stabilization_June 2021
1. Beaver Creek Stabilization_June 2021
6. Beaver Creek Stabilization_Trail_June 2021