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JPL Art Gallery
Stop in to the JPL Art Gallery to view work by photographer Todd Steinberg. 

Todd Steinberg Photo
    Todd Steinberg


Born in Des Moines, Todd Steinberg represents a corn-fed Renaissance man in the best sense. His serious profession as a Medical Physicist in the Radiation Oncology Department is balanced by many hobbies – photography, classic cars, and music.

This native to Des Moines 
is a graduate of Johnston High School and the University of Iowa. Todd’s passion for photography originated over 35 years ago when he purchased his first 35mm camera. His journey has led him to years of photographing track and field events and other sporting events including the Drake Relays, World Championships, NCAA’s as well as US Championships and Olympic Trials. In recent years 
Todd’s work has garnered considerable recognition in many publications in U.S and Europe - Cosmopolitan, CNN, and Forma Media magazines to name a few. Locally, many of his photos have been exhibited the past six years at the Iowa State Fair photo competition, winning honorable mentions as well as a front cover of Momentum and Welcome Home Des Moines magazine. 

His eye for diverse composition and light has captured many inspiring landscapes, flowering portraits, and nature in its purist form. In Todd’s words “photography is my artistic expression of the nature and people around us in their purist form. What fascinates me the most in photography is the challenge to capture the moment that will never repeat itself. As my father would say, 'Light is what you make it." 



If you are interested in having your work considered for exhibition at the JPL Art Gallery, please contact Karla Kuhn at .