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JPL Art Gallery
Stop in to the JPL Art Gallery to view work by Molly Free and Corey J. Burnett-Hanssen.  

Molly Free Artwork
    Molly Free Artwork 2
Molly Free


Molly Free is an Iowa native who makes art about what she feels and sees. She is concerned about the destruction of the natural world and this concern is reflected in her work. Molly paints and draws mostly with acrylics and charcoal, mixing the dark with the bright and has studied art in all forms at the University of Northern Iowa and at the Instituto Allende; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, with an emphasis in painting and printmaking.  At the New York Studio School, Molly participated in their week-long Drawing Marathon. Six years ago Molly began tattooing, which has become her latest expression of art and design.


  Corey Burnett-Hanssen

 Corey J. Burnett-Hanssen grew up in Minneapolis where he developed dual loves for creating art and skateboarding -- both of which stirred a desire for exploration. In his work, Corey explores the metaphysical space of the mind, the physical environment of his surroundings and an esoteric combination of the two.   Corey’s current work draws from a visual compendium of representational and abstract elements relevant to his life. Some of the reoccurring elements or characters in his work include the Child, which represents innocence, and Oni, or fate. An Oni is a creature from Japanese lore whose Western equivalent would be the ogre; an Oni is a grotesque manlike giant capable of creating much fear, destruction, and misunderstanding within the natural and human worlds.  Besides these two figures, animals and spirits also play a major role in Corey’s paintings, many of which are drawn from the Eastern pantheon of mythological beings. Corey also appropriates visual elements from popular culture such as Disney, manga, social media, art and history and incorporates these elements “in a thoughtful or humorous manner.”

If you are interested in having your work considered for exhibition at the JPL Art Gallery, please contact Erika Thomson at .