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Vacation Watch Request

  1. The Johnston Police Department offers a residential Vacation House Watch program for Johnston residents that leave their homes unoccupied for periods greater than one week. Due to increasing service demands, the Police Department is no longer able to provide this service for shorter absences from the community. Additionally, the following parameters also apply in order to qualify for this service:

    • Must be a single property residence – no apartments, condos, or row townhomes

    • Homes that are unoccupied due to pending sale do not qualify for the Vacation House Watch program

    • Residences occupied by a house or pet sitter, watched closely by a neighbor or someone who is frequenting the home daily will no longer qualify for this program. We ask that you rely on this person to report suspicious activity to the police as it is observed so that we can best allocate our personnel resources to other proactive policing initiatives.

    • The maximum duration of this service will be four (4) weeks unless the vacation watch is renewed.

    Renewals may be completed using the form below, or requests for extensions made by emailing or calling the Johnston Police Department Monday through Friday (8 a.m. - 4 p.m.) at 515-278-2345.

  2. Are there any lights on timers that will be left on? *

  3. Do you have an alarm system?*

  4. Will your garage entry door be locked (door between garage/house)? *

  5. Will there be vehicle(s) in the driveway while you are away?*

  6. By submitting this form, the owner and/or resident of the property noted in this request hereby agrees to waive any and all claims and hold harmless the City of Johnston, Johnston Police Department, all employees and representatives for any and all liability of any nature resulting in any damage or loss of property to the undersigned's home. By filling out and submitting this form you agree to these terms.

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