Is there a charge for ILL?

Johnston Public Library does not charge for this service. Sometimes, the lending library will charge a fee which we would pass on to you. We will always talk to you about any fees before agreeing to borrow the item on your behalf.

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1. What is interlibrary loan and how does it work?
2. How is ILL different from a purchase request?
3. How many items can I request at a time?
4. What can I not order through ILL?
5. Is there a charge for ILL?
6. How long will it take for my ILL to arrive?
7. How will I know when to pick up my ILL?
8. How long can I keep my ILL?
9. Can I renew my ILL?
10. Why do you put a wrapper around the item?
11. What if I obtain a copy elsewhere after I submit an ILL request?