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Posted on: April 19, 2023


Mowing reminders

It’s that time of year!  The grass is growing, and lawns need to be mowed. The City of Johnston wants to remind all residents of a few mowing tips to keep our community thriving.

Did you know it is illegal to discharge grass clippings and yard waste into the city streets and sidewalks? It poses a safety hazard for motorcyclists and bicyclists and clogs storm drains throughout the city, contributing to flooding and backups into streets and basements. Please take a few minutes to blow any clippings from the city streets and sidewalks back into the yard.  

Pushing grass and other harmful debris into the street violates Johnston Code 135.03

Homeowners, businesses and renters are also responsible for cutting grass, weeds, or brush before they exceed the height specifications. The grass, weeds and brush should be maintained adjacent to the curb line.

The height specifications vary depending on the area:

  • Developed Residential Areas - not to exceed nine (9) inches
  • Undeveloped Residential Areas - not to exceed twelve (12) inches
  • Business and Industrial Areas - not to exceed twelve (12) inches
  • Agriculture Areas - not to exceed eighteen (18) inches
  • Designated Open Spaces – No limit

Please keep in mind that those who do not properly maintain their area could face fines. If the city receives a complaint, an inspector will check the property and, if warranted, will send a letter to the property owner explaining they have one week to mow. If the grass, weeds, or brush are not cut after a week, an outside contractor will be hired to mow and the property owner will be charged this fee.

To review more of this ordinance, visit Chapter 53.

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