Construction and Stormwater Observation

Johnston is a growing community and with the growth comes construction. The activities included in this division are residential and commercial development plan review, construction observation of all city infrastructure, sidewalk and driveway construction and replacement, Right of Way management, quarterly stormwater inspections, stormwater compliance with the City’s MS4 permit and contract services management.

This division currently has one employee, Brody Buskohl.

The goal of the Public Works inspection division is to provide the citizens of Johnston with quality control and quality assurance with respect to standard city design criteria through the daily on-site inspection over all public works construction.

This includes: right-of-way, lane closure and right of way permits for private/public utility work, residential and non-residential development improvements and capital improvement projects implemented within the City's right-of-way.

The City is responsible for inspecting all public stormwater management facilities. Homeowners and private property owners are responsible for the maintenance of their private stormwater drainage-ways and facilities.