Traffic and Facilities Division

This division is responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of all traffic control devices within the City of Johnston. Examples of the services provided by this group are traffic signal modifications, preventive maintenance, customer service requests, system communications, traffic signing, street painting, and maintenance services for public buildings such as the Library, City Hall, Public Safety Building and Public Works.

The traffic and facilities Division includes three staff members.

  • Doug Kueck – Crew Leader
  • Tanner Schumacher
  • Jim Mart

The signs and markings section of the Traffic Operations Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of traffic control signs and pavement markings throughout the city. Traffic control signs are erected along roadways to provide guidance or convey warning and regulatory information to motorists and pedestrians. Examples of these are street name signs, speed limit signs, stop and yield signs, and warning signs.

Pavement markings consist of yellow and white markings placed on paved road surfaces for the purpose of channelizing the flow of vehicular traffic and provide safe areas for pedestrians to cross roadways. Examples of these markings are solid or dashed yellow and white lines, turn arrows and crosswalks.

These three staff members are also responsible for maintenance, repair and upkeep of all City owned buildings. This includes all heating, air conditioning, ventilating, plumbing and other associated building maintenance activities.

Types of work includes the following:

  • Unscheduled work which is performed as needed.
  • Scheduled work is performed as the need arises.
  • Preventative Maintenance is typically scheduled annually, bi-annually, monthly or weekly.
  • Emergency work where situations are observed which require immediate attention to prevent or resolve an emergency.