NW 66th

NW 66th and NW Beaver Drive Improvements - A Polk County project involving the city of Johnston. 

A traffic shift is planned on a portion of NW Beaver Drive and NW 66th Avenue as part of the next phase of this project. Motorists may experience some minor delays during this period and should follow the directional signing, which will place traffic on the new pavement.

NW 66 Ave. is a Minor Arterial roadway last reconstructed in 1970 to its current cross-section. No significant improvements have been made since then other than HMA overlays, and improvements at the intersections of NW Beaver Dr. and NW 26th Street.

NW 66th Avenue provides east/west continuity for the Des Moines Metropolitan Community north of Interstate 80. It serves as an incident management detour when Interstate 80 is closed and provides an arterial for mutual aid and response for the communities and portion of unincorporated Polk County located north of the interstate.

The proposed improvement is to replace the existing 2-lane bridge with a 4-lane bridge and include a multipurpose trail on the bridge to connect the trail systems on the east and west sides of the Des Moines River. The project will also construct a 4-lane roadway with a continuous left-turn lane between NW 26th Street and NW Beaver Drive. The project also includes reconstruction of the NW Beaver Drive and NW 26th Street intersections.

The purpose of the proposed project is to safely accommodate existing and projected traffic volumes between NW Beaver Drive and NW 26th Street. The need for the proposed action is based on a combination of factors in relation to improving traffic operations through the corridor.

Specifically the proposed action will address the following issues:
  • Level of Service “F” along this segment of NW 66th Avenue
  • Low sufficiency rating of Kempton Bridge 

Construction of Phase 1 of this project is scheduled to begin in June of 2015. This first phase will be completed
over two construction seasons to allow the roadway to remain open to traffic throughout the project by
constructing the new bridge ½ at a time.

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