Southwest Area Road & Traffic Working Group

The Southwest Area Road and Traffic Working Group, made up of a variety of residents, business owners and interested parties, is exploring and discussing options for improving traffic flow in a section of Johnston near NW 54th Avenue east of NW 86th Street. A series of meetings, moderated by an outside facilitator, are taking place to discuss issues in the area such as speed, safe school crossings, access to undeveloped properties, emergency access and traffic circulation.

City staff and elected officials who have been participating in our working group meetings have met to identify important key issues that the working group would like addressed and have discussed those issues with our third party traffic engineer from Snyder and Associates, Mark Perington. Mr. Perington compiled this report and presented his findings in this PowerPoint slide at a March 30 public meeting.
Two maps (one here and one here) represent the DRAFT roadway concepts per the overall discussion of the Working Group.  These PDF versions are slightly modified from the paper versions handed out at the March 30 meeting to include a slightly larger area with some additional notes and street name identification, yet the concept options are the same.

The next meeting for the SW Area Road & Traffic Working Group will take place on Tuesday, May 2 from 6 to 8 pm at Johnston City Hall. Johnston City Hall is located at 6221 Merle Hay Road. The public is invited and welcome to attend the meetings. At the conclusion of the meetings, the Working Group is expected to provide a recommendation to the City Council.

List of Working Group Participants:

Todd Cate
Gina Graham
Dave Erbes
DeAnn Lee
Rand Frei
Laura Beebe
Michelle Veach
Kelley Harrison
George Smith
Jeff Lorenz
Patty Wright
Todd Woodsmall
Pete Deacon
Amy Hupfer
Clarence Stennes
Pam Kucera

Click here to read the March 30, 2017 Meeting Recap.
Listen to audio from the October 4, 2016 working group meeting.

Click here to read the October 4 Meeting Recap.

Listen to audio from the October 18, 2016 working group meeting. Due to a malfunctioning disc, part of the meeting did not record.

Click here to see the October 18 Meeting Agenda.

Click here to read the October 18 Meeting Recap.

Other Information:
The City Council has also approved this resolution, which closed a public hearing on the Robbins property and took no action on that resolution.

View the 2015 traffic study related to the proposed extension.

Check out this PowerPoint presentation that includes maps of the area.

Read the 2030 Comprehensive Plan, which highlights how specific areas of our community are zoned.

Contact Information:

Unable to make the meetings? Send your thoughts on traffic flow in this area to the email addresses listed below. We want to hear from YOU.

Click here for Mayor and City Council Contact Information

Click here to contact City Administrator Jim Sanders

Click here to contact Community Development Director David Wilwerding with questions on zoning and the comprehensive plan

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