City Policy on Trees in Right-of-Way

In April 2015, the Johnston City Council adopted changes to Ordinance 926, which details where trees can and cannot be planted in city right-of-way. The standards were adopted by the National Arbor Day Foundation and recommended by the Johnston Tree Board.

Notable changes to the policy include: trees shall be planted no closer than three feet to the sidewalk or other impervious surface such as the curb or gutter, and a permit must now be obtained prior to planting any tree in the public right-of-way. City staff will assist with the selection of tree species if the site meets all requirements.

This permit can now be obtained at the Johnston Public Works office, located at 6400 NW Beaver Drive, during normal business hours.

Meantime, Chapter 150 of the Johnston City Code details duty to trim trees, disease control, street tree planting standards, inspection and removal and the prohibition of tree topping.

If you would like to treat an ash tree that is in the public right-of-way near your home, please view the Ash Tree EAB Treatment Application for more information.