Budget Information

The City's general fund maintains a 26% reserve. This reserve is necessary to fund the operations of the City for the first three months of the fiscal year (July - September) as property tax revenues are not received until October.

Click here to see what's been approved for the 2017-2018 city budget.

Stormwater Utility Fee:

In January 2014, the Johnston City Council voted to approve an increase in the city's Stormwater Utility rate. It is the first increase since the beginning of the Utility. The Stormwater Utility ordinance requires that the city review the financial health of the Utility every year. This ensures that all high priority stormwater projects are being addressed in a timely manner and will determine if any adjustments in the rate are needed.

The average Johnston homeowner saw an increase of $6-24 per year because of this fee. The average Johnston business will see an increase of up to $240 per year. This increase took effect on July 1, 2014.

Today you can see your Stormwater Utility Fee at work. Ten projects are underway that will help the city absorb as much rainfall on the land as possible, significantly reduce erosion and flash flooding, and improve the quality of water in our community. Click here to see your tax dollars at work.