Crime Free Business Program

The goal of the Johnston Police Department's crime-free business program is to educate business owners, managers and employees on the vulnerability of the crimes that could occur in the workplace, to themselves or their patrons. Upon request, the JPD provides Johnston businesses with workplace safety training and security assessments. This helps business owners and employees with irate customers, family violence, disgruntled employees, hostile intruders and robbery protocols.

Each police officer is assigned to a specific Johnston business so employees can build a rapport with the officer and have someone they can quickly contact if needed.

In 2014, we will build on the past success of this program by offering businesses helpful information on how to protect passwords and PINs, how to avoid scams, and educate them on what is included in the Johnston E-LERT program. We will also provide general safety tips on auto theft, fraud, firearms safety, home, internet, personal safety, vacation and travel and workplace safety.

In 2012 and 2013, the Johnston Police Department made contact with 138 Johnston businesses and spoke with owners and managers on a variety of subject matters we thought were important to keeping their businesses safe. We covered things like internal and external theft prevention, emergency preparedness, preventing false alarms and check fraud.

This program is not just important to businesses, it is also important to us to stay connected. We want to know your needs and concerns and update your contact information in case of after-hour emergencies. Johnston's Crime-Free Business Program is another way we are keeping our community safe.

Call 515-278-2345 for more information.