Green Meadows Flume Repair

Map of Project Location

Project Name:
Green Meadows Flume Repair

Estimated Cost: $180,000 (engineering and construction)

Estimated Start Date: 2016

Estimated Completion Date: 2017

Contractor: To Be Determined

City Staff Project Contact:
John Schmitz
Parks Director
John's E-mail
(515) 727-8091

Project Description: This project would repair areas along the flume in the greenbelt of the Green Meadows subdivision where erosion is currently occurring. The primary construction would be to replace sections of the flume or add additional width to the existing concrete flume. In addition, opportunities to improve stormwater quality at the start of the flume system along Greendale Road (west of Hy-Vee) are being explored. The attached map shows the general areas of construction activity. A public information meeting is anticipated prior to construction.

Project Status: The project is currently being designed; a contractor has not yet been chosen.

This project is being funded by the Johnston Stormwater Utility, which was implemented in July 2012 to create a dedicated funding source for projects that reduce erosion, protect properties and infrastructure from flooding and to improve water quality within the City of Johnston, for more information on the stormwater utility, visit the stormwater projects page.