City Project Information

The following is a list of infrastructure, stormwater, parks and trail projects happening in Johnston.

Each one is in various stages of project life.

Infrastructure Projects

NW Beaver Drive Overlay

East of Merle Hay Road

NW 70th Avenue Improvements

NW 100th Street Improvements - Near Future High School

Stormwater Projects

Beaver Creek Bank Stabilization
Green Meadows Flume Repair

Green Meadows West Channel Stabilization

Timberwood Drive Trail Stabilization

Newgate Drive Channel Stabilization

Park and Trail Projects

Crosshaven Park

Greenwood Hills Park

Terra Lake Project

NW Beaver Drive Trail

Regional Projects

Current Regional Projects: Kempton Bridge, Hwy 141 Interchange at Interstate 35/80

NW 66th & NW Beaver Drive

Highway 141 Improvements