Stormwater Utility

In 2012, the Johnston City Council adopted Ordinance 852, which created a stormwater utility that will generate revenue for the exclusive use of managing and improving the city’s stormwater management infrastructure (storm sewer, creeks, drainage ways, etc.) The stormwater utility fee is charged monthly and included on utility bills.

A list of frequently asked questions about the stormwater utility fee is available to help residents navigate this new process. The Stormwater Utility ordinance requires that the city review the financial health of the Utility every year. This ensures that all high priority stormwater projects are being addressed in a timely manner and will determine if any adjustments in the rate are needed.

Factors in raising the Stormwater Utility rate include the increase in the need for repairs, rising construction costs and the effect of drastic weather on the stormwater system. The current rate is $7.05 per ERU. An ERU is the quantity used for assessing the stormwater utility fee charges (see FAQ link above). One ERU in the City of Johnston is set at 4,000 square feet of impervious area, which includes driveways, roofs, patios, etc. Thus, the stormwater utility fee system is based on the total impervious surface area of a property divided by 4,000 square feet; properties with greater than 4,000 square feet (1 ERU) of impervious surface are charged for more than one ERU.

In order for you to see how we are improving life in Johnston through stormwater management projects, please see our entire list of stormwater projects in the works. This page gives detailed information on project cost, status and expected completion dates. We update this page frequently, so please check back for updates.