Utility Start, Stop and Transfer

Start Service
Call Johnston City Hall, at (515) 278-2344 during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A $75 water deposit or a letter of credit from a previous utility is required from all residents.

If your bill is paid on time for 12 consecutive months, the deposit will be applied to your water account after the 12th consecutive month. If you are late on any payments during your first 12 months of billing, the deposit will be applied to your final bill (when you leave your residence) and the balance will be returned to you unless the balance is less than $2.50.

Stop Service
Discontinuation of services requires the utility division to be notified by calling (515) 278-2344.  

Transfer Service
Residents can transfer service from one address in Johnston to another. An additional deposit may be required. If you make online payments, you will need to register the new account, so your payments are not applied to the old account. Please call the utility division at Johnston City Hall at (515) 278-2344 with any questions.